The Edmonton Northern Partnership (ENP) came together in 2015. It was borne out of the desire to strengthen and grow shared connections to advance economic, social and cultural prosperity between Edmonton, Canada’s north and around the world. 


As the “Gateway to the North,” by way of rail, road and air, Edmonton is best positioned to take advantage of market opportunities while addressing challenges in the North. Three areas have been identified where there is an intersection of opportunity for improvement, both socially and commercially.

The ENP partners provide connections and help to advance growth in opportune areas. 



City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is a key supporter of this region’s strong connections with the North. Through the Mayor’s office and council, they have championed progress with and have articulated clear outcomes for the ENP, stating that the Edmonton Northern Partnership will build and strengthen committed relationships between Edmonton and northern communities to help foster shared economic, social, and cultural prosperity.



Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is one of Edmonton’s major proponents of growing business and cultural ties with the North.  It has, individually and collectively through its membership in the ENP, been supporting the work of Inuit Edmontonmiut, an Inuit-specific society dedicated to nourishing and sharing Inuit culture within Edmonton and surrounding areas. The Chamber is also the Edmonton host of the annual Opportunities North, a conference that brings together business, government, and community leaders from across Western Canada around themes that impact the North, Canada and the rest of the world.  

Janet Riopel, President & CEO

780 409 2136


Edmonton Economic Development

Edmonton Economic Development (EEDC) is responsible for promoting economic prosperity within Edmonton through strategic initiatives that include innovation, trade and investment attraction. Through the ENP, EEDC is not only a conduit between northern and Edmonton businesses, but also a bridge to global connections. With a focused approach to business and intergovernmental relationships, EEDC is a strategic driver of ENP relevance and continued success.


Edmonton International Airport (EIA)

As Canada’s most northerly major airport, Edmonton International Airport’s (EIA) development strategy prioritizes creating and nurturing business and community ties with the North. Whether it’s fostering innovation via EIA-based Alberta Aerospace & Technology Centre, facilitating the efficient transport of cargo and food products to and from the North, or developing cultural links with permanent art displays in the terminal, EIA is committed to the ENP to further build on its role as the gateway to the North.

Traci Bednard, Vice President
780 890 8055


Unversity of Alberta

The University of Alberta (UofA) has deep internal and external connections with the North, making this iconic institution a natural partner with the ENP. UAlberta North works with several major northern-focused initiatives and portfolios. In addition to offering northern-based courses and learning experiences, the UofA’s northern focus is evidenced by its marquee programs such as the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Science (ALES), Canadian Ice Core Archive, Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute (CILLDI), and the Canadian Initiative for Nordic Studies (CINS). 

Roger Epp, Director

780 492 2365